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Vegan Chef Services


How personal Chef services work:

After a free consultation with Sol Food to establish your meal goals we come to your home with fresh ingredients and cook! First, you'll provide us with information on our client interview worksheet to allow us to gather an in depth snapshot of your food interests, dislikes, allergies, and food sensitivities. Chef Melissa will create and tailor your daily or weekly menu plan by referring to your worksheet as a guideline. Sol Food then grocery shops for your local, fresh, and organic ingredients, prepares your meals in your home, packages your meals, and leaves your kitchen space cleaner than it was before the Chef arrived.

Food preparation and grocery shopping is charged at an hourly rate of $45 per hour, plus the cost of groceries. 

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How meal deliveries work:  

If meal deliveries are your preferred route of chef services, Sol Food follows the same practices as in-home meal preparation, except meals are prepared in the Chef’s kitchen and are delivered straight to you refrigerator. Sol Food also purchases glass food containers required for your meal storage. Each week, at the time of food delivery, you will leave the clean containers used from the previous week's meals on the counter for pick-up so there's no plastic waste.

Meal preparations and grocery shopping is charged at an hourly rate of $45 per hour, plus the cost of groceries. 

How private cooking classes work:

Want to learn basic vegan cooking and baking methods yourself?  Sol Food will teach you in the comfort of your own home!  We will come prepared with all necessary ingredients and tools and walk you step by step through a hands-on demonstration. 

Ask us about our other services we provide:

Catering for Small Gatherings (15 people or less)

Hands-on Baking Birthday Parties for Children

Raw Food/Juice Cleansing Programs

Small Office Party Catering

Weekly Office Lunch Deliveries

Payment: Sol Food works under an hourly rate which applies to all shopping required to prepare/store your meals as well as cooking, packaging, and clean up time involved in your meal preparation.  Before your meal services, Sol Food will email you a written pro-forma statement with expected charges for your meal services and bill you after services have been completed. 

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Sol food was a life saver to my family when our second child was born. The amazing cuisine prepared by Missy was not only incredibly delicious, it was healthy! Selecting meals and scheduling delivery was super easy due to the great flexibility Sol Food offers. Missy is very friendly yet professional and a delight to work with.
— Melisa E.